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New app for military and veterans networking

posted Jun 13, 2011, 8:04 PM by Steve Kubiszewski   [ updated Mar 4, 2013, 9:05 PM ]
   As many of you know, amid the overall confusing amount of military and veterans assistance resources, we still have little focus on those things which the actual individual can use to do their own local/national networking directly with their peers and former buddies.  I have downloaded the info and I believe that time is right to support those willing enough to develop such an app.  

*   Vet Locator:     Position Report -- new app by POS REP


POS-REP, short for “position report,” is a new social networking mobile app that allows military and veterans to locate other Veterans, communicate and find resources in their area. The app, currently in the final stages of Apple approval, was developed by Anthony Allman, an Army Veteran, with a five man team. The inspiration for the mobile app came from the devastating loss of former Marine Clay Hunt, whose depression and PTSD eventually led to his suicide in March of 2011. On Business Insider, Allman explained there were three other Veterans within ten miles of Hunt. After that realization, the idea of an app that connects Veterans with others in their area was born. The free download has multiple features, including Radar, which shows a map of other nearby Veterans and allows users to broadcast their own locations if they choose. There is also Sitrep, which allows Veterans to post status updates and communicate with one another. The mobile app’s long-term goal is to ease the transition from the military by providing additional support and resources through local connections with others who are experiencing, or have experienced the transition themselves.  

         The developers are currently working  on the Android version soon to be released.  They fully realize the potential interest from military wives and partners but they have limited staff and resources at this time.