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Request for assistance and coordination

posted Apr 20, 2012, 7:37 PM by Steve Kubiszewski   [ updated Mar 17, 2014, 4:36 PM ]

PTSDA is currently reviewing its concept, staffing and meeting times/locations in light of:

·            The continued stigma encountered by many in the military to seek assistance.

·            The traditional long delays in processing VA claims and the subsequent waiting times to actually enter veterans’ services and to have accompanying local support while in treatment.

*        The poorly coordinated or absence of community peer and mentor support activities to assist veterans outside of formal agency programs, career transition, and life changes.

·            The lack of spouse and significant others (S/Os) support particularly in underserved areas, both in distance and travel times.

         We are looking to:

·            Increasing organization-to-organization links and coordination with other community based military/veterans assistance programs.

·            Inviting more volunteer mentors and meeting coordinators to serve on PTSDA’s current Board of Advisors, to assist in running the PTSDA web site, and to recon new meeting locations, times and population bases.

What to Expect:  PTSD isn't about what's wrong with you!   It's about what happened to you! (Jim Davis, CEO, Veterans for Change)

         PTSDA is a concept for a peer-to-peer, mentor networking forum to discuss the everyday struggles of living with PTSD (TBI, MST, and other military related issues) and to explore possible solutions with others in a safe and caring environment.  This highlights our veterans’ and families’ strengths to work together and care for others at the community level.  They are already properly trained and highly experienced to working in teams and helping themselves.

         PTSDA meetings are not intended to be “group counseling” sessions.  We do not discuss the details of actual events.  Those discussions are best left for counseling or therapy. Many soldiers and veterans, however, attend PTSDA meetings as a supplement to their counseling sessions and other treatment activities.

         It is envisioned that spouses, significant others (S/Os), and mature family members may want to have their own defined sessions also.

All Meetings are confidential, peer run and no-cost:


             No Rank or Position          No Last Names       No Attendance Taken             

             No Reports Sent               No notes taken

             No “war stories”                   Discussions Do Not Leave the Meeting

             No command or court mandated attendance

    Professional and productive comments greatly appreciated!


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