Links in WA State and regionally

PTSDA: “veterans talking with veterans”

Options for immediate problems or crisis situations when just talking may be a relief:

.       Military * Helpline : to contact a real person to chat and seek assistance.

·      VA National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

·      Consider making an appointment with a VA Vet Center counselor as soon as possible:   

Sites of general interest:

·      The National Center for PTSD

·      U.S. Veterans Administration

·      State level Departments of Veterans Affairs

·      National Association of County Veterans Services Officers :  when in doubt, contact your local National Service Officer at one of these VSOs as listed in top menu.

 Sites and organizations of interest to those in the Puget Sound Area of the Pacific Northwest:

                   .  Heroes to Hometowns, WA State:

                    .  The Veterans Family Fund:

                    .  The Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs:

                    .   TACID (The Tacoma Coalition of Individuals with Disabilities), WA State.

Updated sites with current information for active duty troops and veterans:  


.   Student Veterans of America: This organization is pioneering the idea of college level veterans clubs for academic support and to assist vets reintegrate home.

.    The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America an association focused on assisting OIF/OEF veterans.                

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