Meeting Tips

How to conduct a productive PTSDA support meeting

The only requirement for membership in our anonymous group is a sincere desire to make life better for ourselves, our families, and co-sufferers. We are not here to blame but to understand, grow, and accept responsibility. Our goal is to become more attentive, intelligent, reasonable, and spiritual. We are self-supporting and not interested in any controversial, political, or social issues. The primary purpose of our group is to tell our story and to learn to deal with human suffering more effectively and to develop better survival and coping skills. 

The improvement of personal social relationships and local support are crucial to successful re-integration to home and job environments.  For each individual to discover that "you are not alone" is a major step in their coming home.
Meetings are to be conducted with full respect for all those attending as outlined in meeting rules section.  All veterans and current military personnel have experience conducting unit training and team operations.  PTSDA meetings require the same skills: respect for other members, willingness to actively listen, the need to trust others, and ability to discuss options rather than dictate solutions. 

All Meetings are confidential, peer run and no-cost:


              No Rank or Position          No Last Names        No Attendance Taken             

              No Reports Sent                No notes taken            No push to talk until you are ready

              No “war stories”                   Discussions/topics Do Not Leave the Meeting

              No command or court mandated attendance