Military and Vet Spouse Support

For the past decade and longer, the spouse and significant/others (S/Os) of our military personnel and veterans have often not/not recieved the personal support and assistance they require and need at the local, community.  Many times this may just mean having another spouse to talk and connect to.  To this date, there is no/no regional or national network focusing on community peer support meetings or resources.

Paraphased, requests read as follows: 
"Hello, do you have meetings for spouses?  My husband has been diagnosed with severe PTSD and I really need a place to talk with others. Thanks." has periodically carried articles addressing this continued need:

Our military spouses and S/Os are often highly trained, experienced, motivated and knowledgeable of care needs -- in many cases, they know and do more than many medical providers.

Why can't we all do more to creat and maintain a viable community level spouse network?