Military Sexual Trauma        Over the duration of our current armed conflicts, we have learned that the term “trauma” is not limited to one event or type of abuse.  To better focus the resources of this site, we defining military related traumas as those experienced while in military service regardless of component.  Examples include: training accidents, combat situations, military sexual trauma (MST), convoy escort operations, mTBI, loss of limbs/body parts, etc.

         Due to a growing number of our returnees and veterans population reporting MST, we are adding this information page for those (female or male) who have suffered MST who are hesitant to seek out assistance or aren’t sure who to contact in confidential manner.    

        For  conducting MST groups, see:  Engaging Women in Trauma-Informed Peer Support: A Guidebook

This guide was created by the National Center on Trauma-Informed Care as a technical assistance document to help make trauma-informed peer support available to women who receive or have received services in behavioral health or other human service systems.  It is designed as a resource for peer supporters in these or other settings who want to learn how to integrate trauma-informed principles into their relationships with the women they support or into the peer support groups of which they are members. The goal is to provide peer supporters—both male and female— with the understanding, tools, and resources needed to engage in culturally responsive, trauma-informed peer support relationships with women.”


         Caring individuals experienced in the field of MST will update this page.

         *         The VA’s Women’s Trauma Program ( enrollment in this program provides long term treatment and assistance. 

         *         Each of VA’s Vet Centers ( someone on the staff who is experienced and responsible to assist those impacted by MST.

        *           Service Women's Action Network (SWAN ):  A national organization expressly focus on the needs and rights of female veterans.

         *         VetWow – veteran’s advocacy (  a group attuned to MST advocacy and support for men and women.

         *        Packparachute ( is a MST related service and charity organization based in Seattle.

         *        Grace under Fire ( an organization solely for MST aid and assistance. 

        *        A Black Rose: Campaign for Awareness ( Our focus is to bring awareness to the issue of sexual assault, harassment, abuse, stalking, etc. faced by serving members of our armed forces. Our philosophy is that the men and women who serve our nation should not have to worry about being assaulted by their fellow servicemen and women.                     Olga Ferrer, Executive Director

        *        Fatiguesclothesline: helping Woman and Men move past Military Sexual Trauma (MST) in a symbolic way by telling their story in a discreet manner that will educate the public.  We can blog it, we can talk about it but can people see it? Through the clothesline it provides a symbolic awareness about this epidemic. It is time for us to speak out and show in numbers what we have gone through.

        *    A future option for female vets and military personnel in the Sound Puget Sound area:   Brenda Milewski,Executive Director, Fountain of Life Center, in Puyallup, WA., 253-380-5263 or, is working to establish a womens veteran center and walk-in clinic. She hopes to bring this vision into being over the next year.  Anyone interested please contact her directly.

        *  For more information about women's vet options in WA State, contact Liza Narciso, WA Women Veterans Coordinator 360.725.2157 or by email at